Welcome to the research blog of the JDB1745 team, which we have affectionately dubbed Little Rebellions. This site was originally intended to function as a repository of case studies related to the larger Jacobite Database of 1745 project, presented in easily digestible portions for public consumption. We soon realized that the blog would also be a suitable platform to share technical plans and workflow processes for those who might find them interesting, and that maybe we could even throw in some content related to other events in the greater field of Jacobite studies and beyond.

This site therefore hosts a number of different types of short articles, including:

   Case studies, or vignettes, of characters discovered during the process of research and analysis

   Design and technical notes for the database, including workflow and methodological commentary

   Musings on numerous subjects that are encompassed by the field of Jacobite studies

   Discussion of talks, papers, and demonstrations from the JDB1745 team and beyond

Posts are written by the JDB1745 team, including Dr Darren S. Layne and Halsted Mencotti Bernard, as well as a number of other collaborators who reflect the interdisciplinary nature of the project. We openly welcome guest post submissions and would be delighted to discuss topics and formats in which our readers are interested. Please feel free to get in touch via our contact page.


Content and Conduct Policy

The posts within this blog are written as personal observations and are intended to share research, historical information, news, and methodologies. Individual posts do not innately reflect the opinions of any person or institution other than the writer, and are shared openly in the spirit of collaboration and information exchange. While the medium is informal, the content within should be considered under strict copyright and will be perpetually treated and enforced as such. Content may therefore not be reproduced without author permission. Quotations or other references to content featured on this blog may be cited with proper acknowledgement.

The JDB1745 team intends for Little Rebellions to be a safe space for all contributors and guests who care to engage in respectful conversation. Accordingly, personal abuse or discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated, and both posts and accounts will moderated to retain a collaborative and mutually supportive atmosphere. Our team is expressly interested in historical Jacobitism and the social and cultural history of the eighteenth century, as well as the pursuit of scholarly analysis of the discipline – past, present, and future. We therefore wish to make it clear that modern nationalism and legitimism are not subjects we care to entertain in our comments. Fans of Outlander are more than welcome!